#6in6 - Dating Challenge 2020

#6in6 - Dating Challenge 2020

Sunday, March 01, 2020, 12:00 AM - Sunday, April 12, 2020, 12:00 AM


What exactly is #6in6? It is a challenge and encouragement to spend intentional time investing in your marriage by having 6 dates with your spouse in 6 weeks in 2020. And as you do, we will share your experience with the rest of the world via social media using the hashtag #6in6. It is our prayer and hope that as we witness other couples being intentional and creative, dating their spouse, that we would be encouraged, and not discouraged, to do the same! Oh, and by the way, the winning couple at our church will win a gift card for a great DATE NIGHT! So how do you win you ask?

How to win the Grand Prize:

  1. Must attend Fairfield Baptist or participate via livestream.
  2. Must document 6 dates in 6 weeks by emailing a picture of you and your spouse on your date to  (Up to 2 maximum per week)
  3. Dates must be without children.
  4. What defines a date? Undivided, intentional time with your spouse. Doesn’t require money.

How to win the weekly prizes (Gift card):

  1. Must attend Fairfield Baptist or participate via livestream.
  2. Must document dates (up to 2 maximum per week) by emailing a picture of you and your spouse on your date to .
  3. Dates must be without children.
  4. What defines a date? Undivided, intentional time with your spouse.



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