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Grounded in Truth

by Elizabeth Pennington on March 10, 2020

At Apollos Center we are committed to a unique mission as a professionally equipped, biblically grounded, ministry of healing and growth.

“We seek to be Grounded in Truth, Motivated by Love, and Empowered by the Spirit.”

As a Professional Christian Counseling Center, we believe all truth is God’s truth. This means we seek to be grounded in the truth revealed both through science and the Word God. Romans 1 tells us that the design of creation reveals the truth about God. The more we learn about the order and design of creation the greater God is known and glorified. Take for example the design of DNA. Fifty years ago our understanding of DNA had minimal impact on daily life. Through the efforts and determination of scientists, we now know that DNA is an incomprehensibly intricate element of creation that reveals the complexity of human design.

Did you know that your DNA is damaged 100 times a day? Living in a world broken by sin, our bodies experience this theological truth in physical reality every single day. Thanks to science, we also know that our system was designed with evidence of redemption. Broken DNA are restored automatically while we sleep. The pursuit of scientific study fosters greater understanding and increased connection to ourselves, God, and others.

Scientific “discoveries” by fallible humans are certainly vulnerable to false interpretation or application. At Apollos Center, we hold the word of God as the infallible filter by which all truth must be measured. Previous understanding about the shape of DNA suggested that the structure was a clean, twisted, ladder shape. With increased tools and ability for closer examination, scientists discovered that the intricately woven design is actually messier than expected. Previous understanding was limited, and therefore, has been revealed as incomplete truth. This change in scientific interpretation only increases the theological relevance by demonstrating that within the masterful design God incorporates, rather than excludes, messiness. Humans are made up of an amazingly organized system of “messiness”. If current interpretations or applications of scientific data appear in conflict with the truth revealed in Scripture, the counselors at Apollos Center will hold fast to the truth of God’s Word. We approach science with a hopeful anticipation for increased discovery which will add to, and not take away from, our current application of a biblical conceptualization of God’s creation.

This unique an complimentary paring of counselors who understand and apply both the truth discovered through science and God’s Word sets Apollos Center apart and offers powerful applications leading to healing and growth. As the Founder and Director of Apollos Center, I feel called to share these application of integrated Christian counseling through my new blog. You can share this post and look for upcoming additions at Applied Christian Counseling.

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