Greater Grace Ministry

Helping Adoptive & Foster Families flourish in God's love

Greater Grace is a ministry of Fairfield Baptist in Cypress, Texas that began in 2010. What started as an adoption group for members of the church, has grown into a support system, resource network, and community fundraiser that has impacted families across Texas.

Parenting is hard. Parenting kids from hard places can be really hard. There are no perfect parents, but we believe God’s word that says,

But He gives greater grace. Therefore Scripture says, ‘God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’
James 4:6

Greater Grace Ministry serves those who commit to learn humility before God and to parent in community with God’s people.
GGM humbly serves families who foster and/or adopt children of any age.



RGT is an annual 5K, Fall Fest, Color Run, and Silent Auction!

When you get involved with RGT + Fall Fest, you are helping families answer God's call to foster and adopt. You are helping to strengthen families as parents love their kids from hard places. And you are providing for the needs of kids who do not have a family.  

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The Greenhouse

Our direct influence on adoptive and foster families is based on personal relationships founded in transparency and authenticity. Those relationships grow through Life Groups, the Connect Retreat, leadership development of RGT, and partnerships with other ministries.

The Storehouse

GGM strives to be intentional and prayerful in disbursement of funds. We support individual families with adoption assistance and post-placement support, as well as form complementary/strategic partnerships with organizations that support orphan care and/or meet the needs of fostering/adoptive families on a broader scale. Fundraising efforts impact generations to come, as money raised helps families answer God's call to care for the orphan and equips and strengthens families to love kids from hard places. Click here for more info!

The Clearinghouse

Greater Grace Ministry wants to see adoptive and foster families flourish in God’s love by providing access to educational resources and trainings. As we build relationships with like-minded organizations, we share events, trainings and resources available.

We are part of a community! Throughout Northwest Houston there are a variety of organizations serving adoption, foster, and orphan care needs. We rely on each other as we use the gifts and resources we have been given. Greater Grace Ministry can help connect you with people and resources suitable for your needs.

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Here are a few organizations we recommend!


The Apollos Center for Healing & Growth has biblically-grounded, Spirit-led, licensed counselors who have been specifically trained on the issues unique to foster and adoptive families. Since opening in 2017, they are seeing the trauma and attachment needs of their clients healed in remarkable ways. The Apollos Center is becoming widely known in the adoption/foster community in our area as a top choice for counseling. RGT is grateful to help fund support for the healing work at the Apollos Center!


Fostering Family Babysitter Certification

Did you know that families who foster children need to have certified babysitters?

The Argueta’s, a Fairfield Baptist family, needs certified babysitters to help when their kids have doctor appointments. Hopefully, as more families foster children, we will be able to support them by having a team of certified babysitters at Fairfield Baptist.

Fostering Family is a Houston-based nonprofit committed to strengthening foster/kinship families and the communities that surround them through training and collaboration. They have streamlined an online babysitter certification process.

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Here are the steps:

1. Register online for the certification course. (Family: Argueta/ Agency: Depelchin)
2. Complete the online application.
3. Watch the online training videos.
4. Sign up for a short in-person CPR skills session. Most of the training is done online (Cost is $20 and these are offered on the last Saturday of every month).
5. Submit your online application.
6. Get fingerprinted (Cost is $40).
*Scholarships are available- Email 

If you are interested in this ministry opportunity and joining our team, you can get started by following the above steps.